Outfit of the day : Grunge Style


Plaid Shirt – Shein.com

Graphic T -Shirt -Aeropostale

Black Jeans – American Eagle

Sneakers – Aeropostale

Choker – Forever 21

Bracelet – Claire’s

Today I decided to wear a really grunge style because this one of my favorites styles to wear. I love this style because is easy to execute and its very comfortable. While every fashion blogger I love is partying at Coachella, *cries in silence* I am working on different outfits in order to provide some inspiration and to just share what are my favorites items of clothing. Look out for my future posts because a lot of interesting stuff are coming!

By the way, I am thinking of making youtube videos so please leave any recommendations of what you would like to see 🙂

see you in the next post 😀

Besos ! XOXO

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