Let’s Talk About Jenn Im x Colourpop

Jenn Im from Clothesencounters is one of my favorite Youtubers and she  did a collaboration with ColourPop called JENN NE SAIS QUOI collection. I love how it really reflects her personality and her style.  What’s better is that I can play around with these rather new colors and manage to pull them off!

Like the past week, Colourpop hit the 3 million followers on Instagram and they held a pretty good sale and I bought Jenn Im eyeshadows for 16 dollars! instead of 20. I didn’t buy the entire collection because I honestly don’t think that her lipstick will suit me.


Onto the JENN NE SAIS QUAD, which is made up of four (duh) Super Shock Shadows, one of the products that Colourpop is known for. I love, love, love the texture of these shadows; the creamy powder has an elastic consistency that doesn’t budge once you apply it onto your lids. It’s a perfect mix between powder and creme shadows, and it feels awesome just using my fingers to blend it in.


The shadows have a decent size and a nice amount of product. I was surprised of the pigmentation I now Understand how easily you can get hook on this product. With only one swipe you can obtain a rich  amount of color without much effort. I am very happy with my purchased and I highly recommend Colourpop eyeshadows.


Shadow-Un_e4fc359e-f929-4f02-ad89-636e15a108f8_1024x1024 UN is described as is a nice champagne metallic color, and can also be used as a highlighter. I also use it on the inner half of my lids for extra definition.

Shadow-Deux_110b8764-a10c-4c78-9ce6-848197e5d7df_1024x1024DEUX is probably my favorite color out of the quad; it’s a warm satin brown and is a great color for an everyday look.

Shadow-Trois_86dd6267-ae60-4598-a17b-e92dd04bfead_1024x1024TROIS is also a satin brown, but a really reddish brick brown.  I found this color very “grunge” looking. Also, I found that this color feels more creamy than the first two colors.

Shadow-Quarte_a23add9b-84e9-4bc5-b4ab-08719bdeca69_1024x1024QUATRE is a dark brown matte shadow. I think this color would make a nice an eyeliner and  smokey eye as well.


This is it for today’s post 🙂

Besos XOXO!

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  1. Her collection looks so gorgeous! I am so proud of her <3 Love your review 🙂

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