DYI- Coconut Deep Conditioning Treatment

Now that we are in the winter months my hair tends to feel super dry and fragile. I decided to do this treatment since finals were consuming all my time and the last thing I was thinking was to take care of my curls. I did this and it worked!  I got back the moisture that my curls were screaming for.stories

First, I warmed up my coconut oil in my microwave for a couple of seconds. After that, I added all the oil listed above. Beforehand, I washed my hair and detangled it because I used this as an overnight treatment. I applied it on all my hair and more on my ends because they are the driest part of my hair. I wore a hair cap and a headwrap in order to provide more heat and to not let my hair cap move while I was sleeping.  The flowing morning, I roughly washed my hair and style it as usual.


I hope that you found this useful! you don’t have to do it overnight you can have this treatment for 3o minutes with a shower cap. I only do this when my hair feels extremely dry and fragile.

See you in the next post!

Besos xoxo


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  1. I definitely will try this mask. I love using coconut oil and olive oil separately but I will try them all together. It sounds very good and you hair looks very good! My curly hair really needs it because the cold weather is the worst right now for my hair.

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