Let’s talk about Crohns

I decided to make this series because one, this might be helpful for many people who are going through this disease or something familiar and two, I just want to rant and find a productive way to let my stress go.

Let’s go to the beginning, after taking the same pills and a couple of new ones every now and then for almost 5 years and after MRIs and colonoscopies, my doctor talked that is time for something drastically new. Yup, the famous Humira.

Episode #1

I felt like the universe was preparing me for this, days before my Humira appointment commercials started to pop out on my tv and my youtube account. But, the universe or my doctor could at least warn me of the pain that was waiting for me. My doctor didn’t explain to me what exactly is Humira and how does it work. I got more info after my appointment for my first four shots. Humira has a ton of side effects that honestly, at first glance I got a little scared about it. However, At this point in my life, I will try anything that can help me reach remission. I have a low tolerance for pain and I hate needles. The Humira looks sort of like a pen and I can’t see the needle so it doesn’t look that intimidating. So far, I haven’t felt any of the painful side effects just that at times I feel more tired than usual. I have to take extra caution because now I can get colds and infections more easily than before because Humira affects my immune system in not of a kind way.

I did the first four injections first two, was done by a nurse and the other two I had to do it by myself. So every two weeks I have to give myself the next doses. After that, I did the following two at home. I get very nervous because it was very painful to me the first four. Thankfully, I have a great s support system my mom and my dad are always by my side to give me moral support and honestly, the injections did not hurt that bad. So far, I already did 7 shots of Humira. This is now part of my routine I get very nervous when I prepare myself to do it, so here a couple of tips to manage your anxiety/ stress when it’s time of your Humira shot.

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1. Find a place in your house that makes you feel at peace and it’s very familiar to you.

2. Do you need some type of distraction to stop thinking about the pain of the needle? Listen to your favorite songs as you are getting everything ready for you shot and let the music play while you are giving it to yourself.

3. Have someone besides you, as I mentioned before my mom or dad seats beside me when is the time of my injection, they calm me down and I feel less scared about it. It doesn’t have to be your parents just someone that is close to you.

4. Even play a YouTube video of one of your favorites YouTube channels, I like to watch Claire Marshall’s videos because I enjoy listening to her voice.

5. After you are done yeiii you did it! Reward yourself, go watch your favorite tv show or even buy yourself a treat.

Going back to my Humira experience, I will be able to see the change in my body after 3 months of usage. When that time arrives Im going to make another post about the update. If you have any questions regarding this medication or about Crohn’s don’t be afraid to ask!

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