My 2018 goals

This year has come to an end and is time to make some goals. Pretty realistic ones.  I have the habit of making a list of goals every year. But we all been guilty of setting unrealistic goals and at the end, they are unattainable. Today’s post is about my 2018 goals/ resolutions and this year the list is way more manageable.

so here are my goals for this year.


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self-love: I want to practice more love towards myself by accepting my flaws and improving how I view myself. I have many insecurities that hold me back from my fullest potential. This year I want to conquer each one of them.

Work On my Faith: I want to have a relationship with God, as many Latinos, I was brought up in the Catholic faith. However, I haven’t really developed a strong relationship with my religion and I want to change that.

Make and maintain meaningful relationships: Since I can remember I have been a very introverted and shy person. As a result, I’m not good at maintaining friendships and keeping up with people. There are people I care about dearly but, I always think they are too busy or that I’m not that fun to hang with. I know that most of those excuses are fabricated from that little voice in my head that keeps me insecure. I want to reach out to old friends and make new ones.

Work on my health: As I have mentioned before in another post I have Crohn’s disease. I want to work on my health to improve the quality of life.  I want to go to the gym and adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

So those were my four goals for this year; pretty simple and nothing crazy.

what are your goals for this year?


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