Selfcare in College

Winter break is over and I’m going back to my school this Monday.  It’s time to go back to the routine and hope I can remember how to study as a proper college student. A new semester calls for new challenges and stress. With all honesty, sometimes we feel like life is a b*tch and that we do not have time to spare once we are back to start a new semester. It’s time to talk about self-care because our mental health has to be our first priority. I know that you want to get all A’s and see your name on the dean list but gurl, one must take time for ourselves and learn how to chill.

Why is self-care important? You might ask, let me answer you. Being stressed all the time and having that feeling of being overwhelmed 27/7 is not a cute look. It’s necessary to take time for ourselves and be present. Most of the time while in college we forget to do certain things that our body and mind need. For example, like skipping breakfast and pulling all-nighters for that intro to psychology test. You might believe “that’s the lifestyle of a college student” but, no.

 Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body” – Golda Poretsky

To practice a self-care routine you don’t have to sign for a yoga class, is something simpler than that. Is to add little enjoyments in your life that can make you be in touch with yourself. So let’s start plotting your self-care routine


  1. Try to get your 8 hours of sleep I know, you have heard this everywhere. From your mother and your doctor. One of the main distractions that don’t let us get a sleep is… you guessed it! Our phones. To fix that problem you can buy an alarm, that way you don’t have to use that excuse that you need to take your phone to bed.  You can also make your phone remind you that is time to sleep when that goes up is time to place your phone far from your sight.
  2. Cook a meal you don’t have to know how to cook to make a filling meal. Just cook yourself a simple pasta and enjoy. There’s nothing more satisfying than putting time into cooking and enjoying the end result.
  3. write your feelings out! don’t think that having a diary or journal is a preteen kind of thing. Have a notebook where your write whats going on your mind that way you can visualize your thoughts and tackle what’s been bothering you.
  4. Give yourself a pep talk! We are our worst critic and at the same time, you are your best coach. Remind yourself that you are powerful and beautiful and say it with intention.
  5.  Buy yourself a face mask! you deserve to be pampered or go to Pinterest to find DIY’s masks.
  6. Dance to your favorites songs and let it all out! go to your favorites Spotify playlist and dance it off.
  7. Organize your closet you can start to organize and take away the things that don’t suit the weather anymore and try to make multiple outfits. This will deliver more of a sense of control and in general make things easier for you.
  8. Read reading is the best thing to get your mind focus on something else. Not into books? read your favorite magazine.
  9.  Listen to a podcast I love podcasts and more if they are about empowerment and wellness. I recommend listening to GirlBoss on Spotify and Welldamn lifestyle.
  10.  Drink your water our body runs on water and when we are hydrated we can keep on going throughout our day more efficiently.
  11.  Do something you love we all have some hobbies and interests. You used to love drawing as a kid? get some paper and color pencils and get yourself going!

I will love to know your self-care routine and please share them below.


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