Proud to say that I’m a DazeyLA ambassador I been following the brand for a while because I love their designs and their mission as a brand. It is ethically made and hand drawn. Their grovy 70’s vibes illustrate powerful messages to empower women and it’s a brand that collaborates with other women own businesses. I choose the pretty powerful tee, because its a reminder that we women are not only pretty; we are powerful in every sense of the word. The quality of the T-shirt its worth the price and its something that I know im going to get a lot of use of. There’s a lot of cool designs up on the website along with accessories, swimwear, apothecary, and bags.

I’m getting more interested in this topic of slow fashion and to be conscious whats behind to the clothes I consume. Did you know that the fast fashion industry is the number one industry populating the planet? not only that, the majority of the brands we love such as Favorite 21, Zara and HM their workers are being poorly paid and treated. I know, these clothes are cheap but let’s think about who exactly we are giving our money and if it’s worth buying a shirt that in two weeks we are not going to use anymore. Please watch the documentary The True Cost on Netflix is very eye opening and informative regarding this subject.

I still plead guilty of consuming these brands, because they are everywhere and sometimes is hard to resist. But as a goal of mine, I just want to consume less and be more selective about who I want to support as a brand. If you are interested in seeing my journey on how to consume slow fashion let me know!

You can shop Dazey at my link or use my code ROSARIO to get 10% off on your first order.

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