Green Beauty wishlist #1

I decided to share my wishlist of beauty products specifically, green beauty. I wish I could afford these brands, but I instead make a wishlist and make myself believe that I already have them. Nice hack am I right?

I love the concept of green beauty, no toxic ingredients but full of plant-based goodness. However, the brands that are about that are pretty expensive. Share with me in the comment section what makeup products would you buy if money wasn’t a problem?


100 Percent Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

I love this brand even though, I don’t have any of their products the brand itself it’s amazing. All of their makeup pigments are from fruit and vegetables, isn’t that great? You can’t get more green than that. I want to try out their brow product, the product physically looks very similar to the famous boy brow from glossier. I believe we can say this is a cleaner dupe.

Lily LoLo Eye palette in Laid bare

Every green beauty blogger out there uses this brand. The palette reminds me of the naked palette. The price is not that bad for this one, it’s like the same price of most palettes in Sephora. I love the neutral colors because they are more wearable and I’m a lover of neutral shades. If you love the Naked palettes, but want to get into green beauty this is one for you.

Antonym Certified Organic Bake Blush in Copper

The packaging is gorgeous and the blush looks perfect for the summer to achieve a golden look. I love how this product has almost a marble design to it. If I had the coins for it I will buy it in a heart beat. This brand care about sustainability due to that their packaging is made out of bamboo wood.

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  1. I love the 100 Percent Pure fiber brow gel! I’m on my second tube and I don’t plan on parting with this product any time soon. I’d love to try an Antonym blush as well. They look gorgeous!

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