100 Percent Pure Liptick Review

100 percent Pure is one of the brands I admire the most because of how they create their products and how much care goes into the selection of the ingredients. They were promoting in their insta-stories three of their pomegranate oil lipsticks that were on sale in Amazon for only 15 dollars. I don’t know why these ones were on sale at Amazon and not the whole collection but, on their official website this lipstick costs $30. Without giving it much thought I bought one of the lipsticks I choose the one in the shade Poppy in which its described as a blood bright red.

As their name tells this brand doesn’t use any toxic ingredients instead they use Plant based ingredients. All of their products are made without synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives, or any other toxins.



My first impression of the lipstick was its size,  I found it to be quite small compared to the standard lipsticks we normally see in the market.  On the front of the packaging, it states that its a natural product and it is vegan. Which I love when brand places the word vegan where its visible to the eyes because sometimes I find myself looking for a good minute trying to confirm if a product is indeed vegan.



The Packaging is very sturdy and has beautiful details that reflect the brand’s aesthetic. I like to see this type of packaging because it reflects how the brand cares for the smallest details not only in the product itself but its presentation.



So let’s go to the most importing aspect of this lipsticks; its performance. This lipstick glides effortlessly on the lips and feels like rick butter. It has a great pigmentation that doesn’t have nothing to envy to other red lipsticks. Additionally,  provides full coverage with a satin finish which makes the lips to look very full and beautiful. Due to the shea butter, it gives a lot of hydration that lasts for a long time. The lipstick has a decent long wear I had to reapply the lipstick after I ate food but nothing Major. Becuase it’s a very moisturized and butter like lipstick. If you are eating greasy foods it’s inevitable that the lipstick will transfer. But this is the same case for many lipsticks that have a satin finish.


I gave my boyfriend a kiss on the cheek and it did transfer a bit but, my lipstick was still holding itself together pretty nicely.  At the end of the day, my lipstick was still put together. It didn’t fade in a way I needed any major touch-ups.

2018-05-24 06.08.08 1.jpg


I’m in love with how it feels and looks on my lips. Its one of my to go reds and I’m looking forward to getting other colors when I get to see another sale like this one. Overall, I highly recommend this product, the coolest thing about this product are that I’m capable of reading all the ingredients listed and understand what exactly is in this product. Sometimes we don’t realize how much harmful ingredients we are consuming throughout our beauty products. I wish their price points were a bit more accessible however, you are paying for the quality of the ingredients.

The sale its still up and running so check it out  here

Have you tried 100 Percent Pure Cosmetics? if so, what product is your favorite?



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4 responses to “100 Percent Pure Liptick Review”

  1. I love the idea of this brand, there is a shop near me but their products are all so ridiculously expensive i’ve only tried the free shampoo samples LOL 🙂

    1. I feel you! I was glad i found something under $30

  2. I absolutely love the fruit pigmented mascara. I’ll have to try this though; it’s tough to find lipsticks that hydrate your lips!

  3. Such a gorgeous colour! X

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