Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Hi readers! I decided to do a capsule wardrobe as a way to use pieces I already own and solve the problem of “I don’t have nothing to wear”. I’m very interested in changing into a slow fashion lifestyle. This is a good way to easily start changing the mindset that I need something new in order to look good. If you are new to this topic let me explain what is it exactly. A capsule wardrobe is to reduce your closet to key pieces in order to give the most use possible. The fun is to how to make multiple outfits with a set number of clothing pieces. I decided to divide this topic into several posts so you can observe my new journey with this topic.


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How do I start?

well my friend, first visualize what do you want your capsule wardrobe to look like. think about the weather and the type of lifestyle you have. if you are more of a girl who works every day your capsule wardrobe is going to need more work clothes than casual ones.  There’s also has to be a balance of styles in order for them to work together in a cohesive way. For example, transform a work outfit into a night out outfit by just giving it some subtle changes.

Think what type of pieces are you drawn to, what colors you find yourself wearing the most. Also, think of what can of vibe you want your wardrobe to have. I use Pinterest to make a board serve as an inspiration to this whole process. Below there is a collage that I made with pictures from my Pinterest Board. This helps to know what kind of vibe and what kind of pieces I want to use. I pick the pictures base on Items I already have. I searched for black overall outfits because I own a black overall. This helps to see different ways I can style the pieces I already own.



You now have in mind what items of clothing you are going to need for your spring  /summer capsule wardrobe, so now its time to empty your closet and do some spring cleaning. Take out the clothes that are not appropriate for this upcoming weather while you at it, you can put together all the clothes you don’t use anymore and donate it to your local thrift store or to a charity.

The fun parts start now! try to make multiple outfits to see the flow of your wardrobe.  Make sure you have all your basic down because those pieces are usually the easiest to style. If you notice that you are in need of some essential pieces such as jeans or maybe a good pair of shoes just go buy the ones you know you are going to give a lot of use out of it. The real challenge of this is to not fall into the temptation of getting new items just because they are on trend. I’m looking forward to wearing each piece I choose to be in my capsule wardrobe and maybe have a better vision of what my style is. The second part of this post will consist of my pieces for this spring and upcoming summer. I hope this post was useful and you found it as an inspiration to start your own capsule wardrobe 🙂



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