Must Listen Podcasts for Millenial Women

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Who doesn’t love a good podcast? I enjoy them because I can multitask while I listen to them. while I’m doing the dishes, studying, on a long drive a podcast its always a good idea.  To me, the best podcasts are the ones that teach me something valuable and provides me with a new perspective. Here are my absolute favorites podcast that I surely believe every millennial should check it out.


GirlBoss From the author of Girl Boss, Sophia Amoruso created the Girlboss podcast in which she invites women that are killing it in all kind of industries. It’s very empowering to hear the stories of women from all walks of life finding their passion and making a career out of it. If you need a podcast to keep motivating you to get where you want to go, you must definitely need to check this one out.

WellDamn This is your podcasts for all things wellness, nontoxic beauty, self-care and how to obtain the life you want. the host invites experts on these topics to share their knowledge in order for you to live a well damn life.

MillenialPodcast Just graduated from college and feeling lost ? this one you must give it a listen! in this podcast, we meet Megan Tan she shares her struggles as a recent graduate student that’s trying to understand the world that is in front of her. She’s so relatable! you will definitely have one of those moments like “oh I guess I’m, not the only one who feels this way” the experience I had while listening to this podcast was as if I was watching a tv show. She invites you to tag along in every obstacle and moment of frustration and every lesson she learns from her millennial life as a recent college grad.

The craziest thing? she produced her podcast inside her closet and the quality of the entire millennial series its A1.

Help Me Be Me Self-help podcast for the people who don’t like self-help that tagline had me sold right away. Sarah Kay the host, explores the topics that stop us from loving ourselves. Each episode is broken by the what, the why, and the how. It’s a lovely podcast that will help you understand yourself better. Every episode teaches me how to love myself a little bit more and that’s why I highly recommend you to give it a try!

What We Said Two best friends share their thoughts on the topics of love, social media, health, etc. With the only purpose of inspiring and entertaining. The hosts are Jaci Marie Photographer and influencer and her best friend Chealsey Jade a health coach and musician. With their lovely personalities, they invite you to be part of the conversation.



12 responses to “Must Listen Podcasts for Millenial Women”

  1. Thank you, for sharing this! I love podcasts. I want to try the Girlboss Podcast that you mentioned.

  2. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to since I drive an hour to and from work! Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Love podcasts, especially Girlboss radio!
    – Amanda

  4. theresaanndickerson Avatar

    I am always in need of a new podcast! Set Apart Girl is a good Christian podcast for young women!

    XoXo, Theresa Ann

    1. I’m going to check that one out 🙂

  5. LOVE Girlboss Radio. I’d also highly recommend Almost 30, The Chasing Joy Podcast and Let It Out.

    1. those sound amazing! I’m going to add them to my list <3

  6. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


    1. Sure I’ll check the website out!

  7. This is so timely! I’ve been looking for podcasts to listen to during my commute. Thanks so much for the list! xx

  8. Love podcasts! I’ll have to check a few of these out.. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love listening to podcasts especially girlboss!

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