Clean & Non-Toxic Lip Balms

This winter has been a long and cruel one and my lips have been the victim. Here are my favorite lip products that are clean, cruelty-free and truly a life saver. Disclaimer some of these products were gifted to me however, all my opinions are my own. If you are interested in buying clean and non-toxic beauty products like the ones I’m about to mention, check out and use the code ref15_aslle7 for 15% off.


French Girl Rose Lip Polish is a delicious lip exfoliant that gets the job done. Rough enough to make dead skin go away from your lips and leaves you with soft lips. The power ingredients of this product are shea butter and castor oil. These two together provide hydration and promote the production of collagen. This lip exfoliant values $18

Easy tip! you can DIY your own lip exfoliant by using coconut oil and mixing brown sugar or coffee.

For lip balms I have 3 options from very different price points but, all of them are amazing. Each of the ones that I’m about to mention I use for different situations but I’m constantly rotating between the following three.

Morracan Magic lip balm is an organic and non-toxic lip balm that nourishes your lips this is my everyday lip balm and a must item that everyone should carry in their bag. The ingredients are simple and clean you will find organic ingredients such as organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, just to mention a few of the many amazing ingredients. You can find this lip balm at CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, and WholeFoods for the price of $4.29

Lip Whip – Tinted Peppermint by Kari Gran has a delicious texture and provides a slight pink tint with a beautiful healthy gloss. One of the key ingredients are peppermint oil, a natural anti-inflammatory that also provides a plumping effect, and sunflower oil that provides omega-6 fatty acids.This is my go-to balm for a natural everyday look this lil’ cutie costs $20

So as for the last product, this is the most boujee of them all Tatcha Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm Tatcha always kills it with the packaging and this one I like to use at night. Besides, the beautiful gold flakes this product contains camellia oil, green tea, rice bran oil, and algae extract. I use this product mostly as a lip mask and the fine lines of my lips are vanish the next morning. Feels very luxurious due to the packaging and the overall aesthetic that Tatcha has the price of this one is $30

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