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Today is going to be a fashion-related post so let’s begin. 

Never did I thought I was going to be so drawn to wear pink. Not only that, I’m currently in love with jumpsuits. Dresses and jumpsuits are my favorite pieces of clothing because I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to style them. This lovely piece is combining so many favorites; pink, polka dots, and jumpsuits. The best thing is the fact that is sustainably made and its currently on sale!


I found this gem while I was searching for affordable sustainable clothing brands and found Nobody’s Child. They repurpose leftover fabric from past seasons and use sustainable materials. They create small collections with the most beautiful prints! Also, any leftover materials are donated to fashion colleges. Additionally, the prices are pretty affordable when you compare it to other sustainable brands.

Some of their pieces remind me of Reformation so I instantly fell in love.

The shipping was quicker than expected because Nobody’s Child is a London based brand and I thought it will take a while for my order to arrive. It was a great experience ordering from this brand and I’m already adding more items to my wishlist.

Let’s talk about the fit

This jumpsuit fits me pretty good despite my 5’1 height so this is petite size-approved!! I was very nervous when ordering this because as a petite gal you never know if what you ordered is going to fit you right. Not only that, I struggle with how is going to look on me when the model chest is smaller than mine and I’m afraid that my 34D is not going to fit. Being short and busty is quite annoying when shopping online because there are times where I get pleasantly surprised and others… straight-up disappointed.

 I love the straight leg of this jumpsuit because it makes me look taller or I like to believe that it does. Overall, I’m very happy with this item and I’m excited to showcase and buy more from Nobody’s Clothing. If you know of any other sustainable/ethically fashion brands that don’t cost an arm and a kidney please let me know! with all the sarcasm aside, I know they are expensive because how they are made but my wallet doesn’t speak Reformation prices.





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