My Under Eyes Skincare Products

Hi readers! this one right here has major dark circles and eye bags. Sadly mine hereditary, but I found products that help me to make those suckers less noticeable. All of these products have different price points and all are cruelty-free.

My under eyes skincare Products (1)

FIY some of the links are affiliates links meaning I make a small percentage of your purchase.

Feel free to share what are your favorite products for dark circles/eye bags


Let’s talk about them from least to most expensive

  1. Cocokind My Matcha ($9) This is the most practical product and a must in my purse. This product has simple but amazing ingredients that will maintain the area of your skin highly moistured. You can use it on any dry patches on your skin. Works excellent under concealer and use I every day all the time. If you have very dry skin and puffy eyes you should definitely check this one out!
  2. Herbal Dynamics Beauty Mango & Green Tea Firming Eye Mask ($20) I love masks and this eye mask is AWESOME! I use this one in the morning to get my under eyes looking nice and plump. It helps with my fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. It really helps me to look awake and nobody could guess that I was watching Netflix till 3 AM 😎
  3. Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ($29) Rosehip oil is known to work deep in the skin tissue and this amazing oil is composed of vitamins A, E, and D. With a rich combination of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, rosehip oil helps tissue regeneration. Amazing for discoloration especially for dark circles. You can DIY your own eye serums with this magic oil by mixing it with Aloe vera juice or mixing it with other oils. Make sure you get the Rosehip oil that has this bright reddish color. This is also an everyday product my skin loves it! I use it after my moisturizer, I pat the a little bit under my eyes.
  4. Mychelle – Ultra Hyaluronic Eye Gel ($29) This eye gel has a lovely texture and has a nice cooling effect. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my dark circles especially, my fine lines under my eyes. I use this one when I do my night routine and so far I’m been very pleased with the results.

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