How to get a free hotel stay


I recently secured a partnership with a hotel and got a one night stay for free. Yes, little me got this partnership. I was so nervous when writing the email and didn’t know if my email proposal would be ignored. Luckily, I got to work with a hotel for the first time and I want to share what I learn from it. Maybe it is too soon for me to “teach how to pitch to hotels” but regardless of that, I want to share the little knowledge I have.

So let’s start with the good stuff!

First thing first is to do your research!

If you are not a huge influencer with millions of followers you have to be smart to what hotels to approach. My rookie mistake was that at first, I was pitching to these drop gorgeous hotels that my favorite bloggers have stayed in. Research what hotels have worked with influencers with a similar following as yours.

Boutique hotels are a good place to start with, google boutique hotels of x place and go through a list of them and check their social media. Do they have fewer followers than you? have they work with influencers similar to you? ask yourself how they can benefit from you.

Look for a direct email contact

Go to their website and look for an email that is especially for collabs. Look for a direct email that will put you in contact with the marketing manager or the PR and Press manager. If you can’t find a direct email address try the general contact email.

Time to write that email!

Talk about yourself briefly and go to the point. Remember, in this email, you have to make it sound that both parts can benefit from this partnership. Don’t forget to state a couple good reasons why this partnership will be ideal.

What are you willing to do in exchange? state what type of content you will be creating and how much. For instance, are you willing to do 3  photos and 6 Instagram stories, and are you going to cover your stay on a blog post? If your stronger platform is Instagram, propose that you are willing to do an Instagram takeover along with the photos. Also, do you want to give the total rights of your photos?  the hotel probably will want the right to use it for marketing purposes. After that, all you are going to need to do is to press send.

To make your life easier I made an email template to unlock it you just have to type your email down below.


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