5 Sustainable Beauty Swaps

This year is ending and it’s time to make new goals and one of them should be to make sustainable changes into our everyday routines. I’m very interested in adapting a more sustainable lifestyle into my life however, that would time some time until I 100% a more eco friendly way of living. I want to share with you guys 5 easy swaps/changes that anyone can do in order to have a more sustainable beauty routine.

Replace your razor

The one item I used to constantly buy were razors and then I learned that 2 billion razors end up in landfill every year. After knowing that, I couldn’t go back into buying plastic razors. A sustainable razor that also looks very beautiful is the Oui Shave Rose Gold Razor this is the best razor ever! You would definitely forget that razor burns ever existed.

Sustainable and vegan deodorants

Natural deodorants are everywhere nowadays but, Myro is totally different from the rest. They are vegan and uses refillable cases that uses 50% less plastic compared to the other deodorants brands. The cases are adorable and they have cutest colors to chose from.

Say goodbye to your face wipes

Face wipes are the most wasteful products ever, because it’s so easy to buy them and it’s the go to makeup remover of many. There are different alternative products that replace them such as the famous Makeup Eraser another alternative that makes less waste is using a cleansing balm, one of my favorite is the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Remover Balm.

Choose less packaging

Brands such as Lush provide products that are zero waste and also use biodegradable packaging. I always loved Lush and love how there are a mainstream brand that cares about the planet. Check their Naked selection here .

Use what you have

Use up the products you already own and try to restrain yourself from buying more. I’ve been making a very strong point to use the products I have before purchasing new ones. You create less waste and once you finished using them you can replace it for more sustainable alternatives.

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