A Weekend in Portland Maine

I had the lovely opportunity to stay at one of Lark Hotel properties in Portland Maine, called pomegranate Inn. This hotel has this cozy feel to it and right as you enter you feel welcomed. This small property doesn’t lack any charm as it decorated with a vintage style decor with quirky touches. Each room at Pomegranate it’s different and unique. The one that I had the chance to stay was the room number 4, I was told it was the favorite room among guests and I can add to it. You are welcomed to these beautiful painted walls and with furniture with lots of charm. The room had a fireplace, a TV, bathrobes, and your basic hotel amenities. I have to say, the bed was very comfortable and the room felt like home.

The Lobby it’s full of board games and has this lovely fireplace that warms the entire room. We had breakfast and it was more like a tapas-style with many small plates, everything tasted very good. If you want to feel like home during your stay Pomegranate inn it’s the place to be. The location was excellent, very close to downtown and also to the local art museum. 

What I did?

As soon as I arrived in Portland Maine I was greeted with the very cold weather and I needed something warm. Me and my sister headed to Old Port and stop by Blake Orchard to get warm drinks, I ordered a Tumeric Latte and headed to explore downtown. When I was doing my research regarding places I must check out Holy Donuts was the first thing that shows up. These donuts are no joke, they were delicious! they are made out of local potatoes and they had vegan options. I ordered a lemon and a raspberry donut. My impression was that the donuts were nice and light and had more of a cake consistency. We visited a couple of boutique stores the ones that stood out to me was Shermans Book Store I love checking out bookstores and this one was pack with people. The store had a great selection of books and great souvenir gifts. The other independent store was Pinecone + Chickadee, this was an interesting gift store that sells goods from local artists. Old Port was super cute! the cobblestone streets and brick buildings made it look like the perfect postcard.

One of the highlights for me was visiting the local Portland Art Museum, I love museums. Sadly, I didn’t explore the entire museum due to we had an hour before closing to explore. The art collection was amazing, with everything to classic paintings and more modern art. After that, we had a delish dinner at Mi Sen the food was so amazing! if you love Asian cuisine this is the place to go. I want to come back to Portland during the summer because there’s a lot of places I didn’t have the time to see and there is a lot of restaurants I want to try out. On the next day, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the hotel and explored Pommegrate Inn for one last time. Due to my sister being sick we didn’t explore much before checking out. But, we went to the local mall to do some shopping and kill time before heading to take our train. Overall, Portland Maine was everything you imagine when you think about New England. It’s on my list to go back this summer and explore everything that Portland has to offer.

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