Summer Quarantine Beauty Favorites

It’s been a while since my last blog post but here we are hoping that 2020 doesn’t get any worst. One way that helps me cope with all the craziness that it’s happening its to play with beauty products and discovering new brands to add to my everyday beauty routine. For today, I want to discuss my current skincare favorites that are helping to have my skin on check while the world is in shambles.

*They are affiliate links in this post meaning that I make a small commission if you shop through them.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

This brand is everywhere and I  couldn’t resist it anymore and bought one of the most acclaimed products. The peeling solution is  indeed an amazing product, at first glance the deep red color intimidated me a little bit. I don’t think this product is good for very sensitive skin because it lightly stings. The directions recommend to only use it twice a week for no more than 10 minutes. After two weeks I saw major changes on my skin more specifically with my skin texture and my hyperpigmentation. This has become a staple for my skincare  routine and I’m really excited to try their other products.

Florence By Mills Tinted Glow Yeah Lip Oil

I first thought that the concept of lip oils was strange, because who wants their lips to feel oily? but as someone who suffers from chapped lips no matter the season, I had to try it. This lip oil is not runny or sticky it really moisturizes your lips. If you hate tacky lipglosses consider trying it because it gives a nice shine. I love that it gives a slight touch of color on the lips and makes it a nice everyday lip product. Now I’m more intrigued with lip oil products and let me know your experience with them!

Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm

I was in the lookout for a new cleansing balm and I found the brand Then I met you. The aesthetic of this brand is gorgeous! This oil balm has a beautiful yellow color and a light natural scent. It has a beautiful soft texture and it easily melts away with the friction of your hands. It effortlessly removes away all your makeup even the most waterproof formulas. Don’t be intimated, because this is a cleansing oil because you are not going to have any greasy residue after you wash your face. This is more into the pricier side but if you have the money, spoil yourself with this gem.

Dermalogica Clear Start Skin Soothing Hydration Lotion

This moisturizer is perfect for the summer! Its light and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. My pores are smaller and my skin feels plumper. This product is perfect for oily acne-prone skin because deliveries hydration without making my skin feel greasy but somehow it still manages to give you a glow. It doesn’t make my skin feel tight and it has amazing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients like ginger, orange, and grapefruit. I highly recommend this for anyone that has sensitive skin and its struggling with acne.

Pixi Retinol Eye Cream

This is my first retinol eye cream so I was pretty happy when Pixi Beauty gifted me this. I did not experience any stinging during my use; from reading the reviews online a lot of people had experienced bad reactions from it. But my experience was a pleasant one. I used my ring fingers to dab this on my eye area and the texture is pretty light and it quickly absorbs into the skin. I do not like the fact that it has a scent, it smells like jasmine and I know for many scents are a big no-no. After a week and a half, I noticed good results my eye bags look brighter and the fine lines are slightly less prominent. I still need to use this more time in order to see the full effects but overall this is an okay cream that’s working nicely.

bu SPF 30 Fragrance Free Sunscreen Spray

The key to good skin is to have a good sunscreen and this has become my one true love! One of the things I hated about sunscreens is that they feel so sticky on the skin and also that they give you a white cast on your face. BU SPF is non-greasy and doesn’t have any fragrance. If you have sensitive skin you are going to fall in love with it, because It’s free from alcohol, preservatives, and oil-free. Also, it has the perfect size that can fit in your purse making it ideal for an everyday sunscreen that can fit anywhere so it can be used anytime!

Let me know what are your current skincare faves? ❤

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