Brands that Work with Small Influencers

A lot of people still believe that you need a crazy amount of followers in order to monetize your Instagram. But in reality, we are all capable to get paid to post. We all have influence and if you love creating beautiful content on Instagram why don’t get paid for it? Today I want to share what brands I had worked with while being a micro-influencer/ small content creator. I got the inspiration to write about this topic by the blog keep Calm and Chiffon check her post here.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning that I make a small commission if you sign up.


I worked with Sephora a couple times now and for the most recent campaign, I got paid $150 through the Studio Obviously.

Florence by Mills

For this brand I created content around for their latest eyeshadow palette 16 Wishes Eye Shadow I worked with them through Fohr and they paid me $425.


For this skincare campaign, I made $400 and it was through Internqueen which is a great place for college students and recent graduates to find paid campaigns and cool internships.


For Pandora, I work for their Valentine’s campaign and for that one, I made $500 they directly contacted me.

NYX Cosmetics

I worked with NYX through social native and I got paid $75 and I know, this not a lot of money but that’s the thing with being a content creator you never make the same amount money consistently.

Tampax Pure

For this campaign I was directly contacted by a PR called MSL group and I got paid $300.

Burt’s Bees

To this day this was my highest-paid campaign and I got paid 1,500 and this campaign was through Linqia. I still can’t forget the day I saw that amount hit my bank account.


I love working for makeup brands and this one wasn’t the exception, I made $650 through a PR company called Vizsense.

I hope this post was useful to you and feel free to message me on Instagram if you have any questions related to how to get paid as a micro-influencer I would love to help! More posts related to Influencing and blogging are coming! let me know what else would you love to know?

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