YesStyle Skincare Must-haves

If you are a beginner at Kbeauty YesStyle is the place to be but, probably you are going to get overwhelmed at the huge listing of products. Because of that, I created this post highlighting five products that are bestsellers and loved by many.  If you are interested in buying anything at YesStyle feel free to use my code ROSARIOROSE for 10% off.

*There are affiliate links on this post meaning, if you shop with them I receive a small commission from your purchase.

Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser – cosrx

This is one of the most claimed cleansers on the site and that’s because is super gentle on the skin and makes it as the ideal cleanser for the morning. Cosrx is one of the top brands for skincare and provides amazing formulas and overall skincare products that are effective and affordable.

Beauty Water – Son & Park

This toner it’s super hydrating and it’s one of the most reviewed toners/ cleansing water. Leaves the skin smooth and feeling very supple. This toner would definitely leave your skin glowing due to its exfoliant properties and also one bottle is going to last you forever! you will surely get your money worth with this one.

Pure Vitamin C – Klairs

Having a vitamin C serum is basic in every skincare routine to achieve clear skin. After trying so many different vitamin C serums, I always go back to this one. For all my girls and boys with hyperpigmentation, this one right here is the one for you. The serum feels a little bit oily on the skin but, it gives a glowy appearance and works well with any type of discoloration.

Centella Blemish Cream – cosrx

This is a thick acne spot treatment that treats acne scars, calm redness, and designed for sensitive skin. This should be used as the last step for your skincare routine if you have troubled skin. Despite its small size, a little bit goes a long away. This acne cream is not designed to use all over your face, only on affected areas because it’s very drying.

Acne Pimple Master Patch – cosrx

We all hate those annoying little pimples and get tempted to pick on them. That’s when pimple patches are so useful to seal that way and protect them against contamination. These come in handy to wear under your face mask to prevent further contamination.

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